Command line tool which provides an interface between the local chef-repo and chef-server.

Knife is used for:
- Creating cookbooks
- Uploading cookbooks to chef server
- Managing roles and run_lists
- Searching chef-server node object data
- Bootstrapping nodes
- Essentially everything we need to do as a DevOps administrator

Boostrapping with Knife

Bootstrapping connects the workstation to the node to perform the following:
- Knife is installed on the host
- Ohai is used to detect attributes on a node and report them to chef-client at the start of every client run it is required for chef-client to work and it builds the node object
- Ruby
- Chief-client
- A few other additional items

To bootstrap a node:
$ knife bootstrap <address> -x user -P password -N nodename

Note that in a professional environment, the node name would be the fully qualified domain name.