- Website Projects

Here are links to the website projects that I have worked on.

This is a page dedicated to show the different website projects that I have designed. All projects were designed using HTML5 and CSS. Web design is something I really enjoy, and I look forward to doing several more projects.

Old Spice!

This was my final project for my English Composition 2 class in the Spring semester of 2014. This was a research project on a company/corporation of our choice, which I chose Old Spice. Old Spice interested me mainly because of their ridiculous and hilarious advertisement campaigns over the last few years, but also because it is a brand that has been around since 1937. The fact that it has not only survived but thrived for this long is a strong testimony to what a great product it is.

Arctic Mud Archives

mud This was my final project for Advanced Web Development that got way out of hand. It is used to store information for an archaic (albeit extremely fun), text-based game called Arctic Mud.

This is an ASP.NET driven website that utilizes HTML, CSS, .NET, C#, and SQL. The database was done using Microsoft Access long before I had experience creating entity relationship models and normalizing databases using MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. However, the site has some nice functionality as it allows users to store a plethora of different types of information that can be shared amongst other players. Feel free to apply for an account to check it out. I will be alerted by email and approve it immediately.

Student Activities Database

Pitt PantherComing Soon!

The Student Activities Database was my capstone project for the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. I will have a mock version of the site up soon for demonstration. To learn more about the progress, please visit my Wordpress blog -