- Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow?

There are several free tools out there that do an excellent job of removing threats from your PC. Never put yourself at risk, almost everybody has confidential and personal information on their computer - keep it safe. First and foremost, always have a good antivirus working for you. Just as important is practicing good browsing habits. No matter how important you think pirating the newest episode of Game of Thrones is, if the site looks shady and potentially hazardous, it probably is. Be cautious. Below are links to several sites to help you get cleaned up without a fee, but I strongly suggest first visiting and following their step-by-step guide, (which is quite monotonous, but very thorough).

I am in no way affiliated with any of these products, I'm just trying to help spread awareness and aid those who need some assistance. There are plenty of other free products widely available on the internet to clean up your system; however, these are the ones that seem to work the best in my experience. All icon and image rights belong to the products accordingly. I did not design any of the logos or write any of these programs. Visit their sites for more information.

The Security Tango

The Security Tango is an excellent place to start. This is a comprehensive guide on a very effective way to get rid of those awful viruses that are bogging your system down. Security Tango also keeps us up to date on the newest threats on the interweb so we know how to fight off these infections.

Two very important parts of The Security Tango are Unhide and RKill. Be sure to get read about what they do and put them to good use.


Click "Get my free download" and run the setup. Click 'Next' until it installs. Now is when you want to pay attention - when you get to the 'Completing the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Setup Wizard' screen, UNCHECK 'Enable free trial'. The free product is excellent and as long as you don't enable the free trial, MalwareBytes will never ask you for money or spam you to upgrade. Once finished, be sure that it runs its update process and click the 'Scan' tab and run the 'Threat Scan' for a full scan. This can take a while, but it's thorough.

SuperAnti Spyware

SuperAntiSpyware is another very effective tool. One great thing about it is before it even starts scanning, it will find PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) on your system and immediately uninstall them for you. These are annoying programs that get bundled with other free software. Usually they're toolbars and advertisement programs.

Clicking this link will take you straight to the free download. After installing, be sure to UNCHECK 'Enable Automatic Updates'. SuperAnti will also prompt you for a 'Free trial' - resist the urge, it is unnecessary. When ready to scan, always click 'Check for Updates', then run a 'Complete Scan'.

Since we're using the free version of SuperAntiSpyware, let's disable it from automatically running when you start your computer. Go to the start menu and search for MSCONFIG. Open MSCONFIG, click the 'Start up' tab, and find SuperAntiSpyware and uncheck it - and since you're already here, you might as well uncheck any other programs you don't need to be chewing up your processor in the background.


After clicking the link to Stinger, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Download Now'. Stinger is very straight forward, simply install it and you're ready to roll. This is a good program to run after MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware. Sometimes it catches things the other two miss.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a much larger file than the others. It also seems to take longer to finish scanning your computer. I recommend this because it's free and a few times in my personal experience with cleaning up machines for people, Safety Scanner was able to solve some issues the others couldn't.

After clicking the link to Microsoft Safety Scanner, click the 'Download Now' link at the top of the page and follow the instructions. It is very straight forward.