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Below is a (small) list of programming projects that I have done. I hope to grow this list little by little every semester and during my off time. Programming is something I am very interested in and I am becoming more and more passionate about. It's also super frustrating - every time I learn something new I realize how much I don't know! So far my programming background is limited to C# and Java. Any program written in C# was designed and debugged using Microsoft Visual Studio which is an amazing tool (also the same tool I use for web design). All Java programs were written using Eclipse - also an excellent FREE tool.

Warning: It is not advised to download scripts and or programs and run them without fully understanding what the script or program is doing. For this reason, I will provide the code included in my PowerShell scripts and not the script itself. If you wish to use and execute the script, you may copy the text, paste it into notepad, and save the file as xxxxxxx.ps1.

Fox's Pizza Den online order form

This was my final project for my "Introduction to Programming" class. This was written/designed using C#. It's still technically unfinished as it does not incorporate the entirety of Fox's menu and I never worked in quantities of items, but overall I was pleased with how it came out. Check it out, and don't be afraid to actually submit the order - this is in no way linked to Fox's and you will not be billed. Use your actual email address to get your receipt.

** Note to user - I realize now that I forgot to code a try/catch (a way to catch an error) on the list of towns. So be warned, if you select "Delivery" and don't specify a town from the list, it will throw an error. I'll fix this someday.

Subnetting machine

This is a program I wrote using Java on my own time to try to gain some more experience. This was a fun project as I was able to tie in my new found networking knowledge with my ability to problem solve using algorithms. The original command line version of the program took me quite a while to figure out, and adding a graphical interface was even more of a challenge. This is a beta version, it still has some kinks to be worked out, but I believe it works 100% correctly as far as the math calculations for subnetting.

PowerShell Scripts

Virus Removal Tools (Click to view whole script)

I use this script about once a week to gather fresh copies of all of the virus removal tools we use at CTM Services. Virus removal is a big part of how we help our users, and it is important to keep the tools up to date. This script downloads 12 different tools from trustworthy sources. Occasionally links change and the script must be updated. changes many of their download links every 10 minutes, but there are simple ways around this with Powershell using these three lines of code. In the following example I will download ADW Cleaner, a popular tool for removing adware, orphaned registry keys, infected shortcuts, files, and bad browser extensions.

$adwcleaner = Invoke-WebRequest

$adwcleaner = $adwcleaner.Links | Where href -like http://down*exe

$adwcleaner = $adwcleaner.Href

The first line simply sets the $adwcleaner variable (object) to use the Invoke-WebRequest commandlet to the page where the download link is. Next we request a list of all the links on the page, and filter that out by only listing links with the words "down" and "exe" in them, since this is part of the link that never changes, and set the variable to that link. So rather than set the script to a specific link where we can download the tool, we are requesting all links from the page, filtering through them until we find the executable, and choosing to download only that link. Now all that is left is to actually download it! The rest of the script works similarly. Check it out.