- CTM Projects

What is CTM?

CTM stands for Computing, Telecommunication, and Media. CTM is the department at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford that handles - you guessed it - computing, telecommunication, and media. I began working there part-time as a work study during my first semester in the Fall of 2013. Working at CTM has provided me with great job experience in my major and helps me apply much of what I learn in the classroom to real life problems. It has been a great opportunity, and I thoroughly enjoy my time there. Here's an overview of some of the things we (the work studys) do at CTM:

3D Printing

We also get the opportunity to work on fun projects. One very cool piece of equipment we have is a "MakerBot Replicator 2X" 3D printer, and thanks to Bob Ellison and Aarron Dixon for keeping it running smoothly, the poor thing hardly gets a break. The slideshow below shows images of some of the things we have printed. Hover the mouse over the slideshow to pause it.


Here is a quick project I did (with the help of my wonderful girlfriend) at home using a 3D printed Terminator skull. I drilled all of the necessary holes out - 2 for the eyes, 2 for the batteries (AAA), and 1 for the push-button switch. For the wires, I cut about 7 inches of an ethernet cable and stripped apart the conductors. The skull isn't very large, so trying to fit everything was a challenege. Originally I soldered the battery wires to some contacts that I tore out of an old flashlight (in hopes that I could easily replace the batteries), but the skull just wasn't large enough to fit everything, so I ended up soldering the wires straight to the battery terminals. On the bottom, once again I soldered wires straight to the battery terminals to jump them together in series in order to jack up the voltage high enough to power the LEDs.

Click the thumbnails to check it out. The red splotches around his eyes are from Bob drawing them in with a red sharpie for effect long before I put the LEDs in. If you're wondering what the yellow mark is on Terminator's chin, I burnt it with the soldering iron. Oops. It happened during the last step too, I was pretty sad.