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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Experiment

This semester, I will be keeping a blog about my experience of using a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 for my studies at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. My goal is to really push the Surface Pro 2 to its limits to see what it is and is not capable of, and to explore whether it truly is an efficient tool for not only a student, but a student in my particular major, Computer Information Systems and Administration, who tend to use computers and intense programs more heavily than a typical student. I will discuss how I use it for my classes and projects and do my best to share this experience with you.

8/25/2014 - Getting to know my Surface Pro 2 Click here to download

9/7/2014 - Virtualizing a Microsoft Surface Pro 2Click here to download

9/14/2014 - Mobilizing Adobe Creative SuiteClick here to download

9/28/2014 - OneNoteClick here to download

10/12/2014 - Active DirectoryClick here to download

2/24/2014 - System's Administration Final ProjectClick here to download